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Leaders in blue economy investing and impact communications partner to provide accessible insights on market dynamics, needs and opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO, May XX, 2024—Monica Jain of Fish 2.0 Ventures and Sandra Stewart of Thinkshift Communications have created the Blue Economy Communications Collaborative , an initiative to demystify ocean segments, technologies, business models and trends for investors and others who can advance regenerative ocean solutions.

The BECC—launching today with a set of one-page investor briefs on global seaweed markets—solves a problem that’s hampering blue economy innovation: While the sector is full of people with deep subject matter expertise, few have the communications capacity to share their knowledge in a way that sparks action. The result is an information gap that discourages people with fresh ideas and resources from entering the field.

Fish 2.0 experience shows communications can accelerate growth

“From our experience working together on Fish 2.0, we know this first-of-its-kind partnership can grow investment, innovation and interest in all sectors of the blue economy,” said Jain. “The Investment Insights one-pagers and infographics we created for Fish 2.0 were among our most popular resources. They were also some of the most effective—they sparked investments that helped grow the blue economy.”

The Fish 2.0 materials are still in use and in demand, even though they’re outdated—a clear sign that people are hungry for expert yet accessible information. Investors, academics, NGOs, entrepreneurs and other changemakers want to contribute to ocean and coastal resilience, but most find the blue economy dauntingly complex and opaque. BECC’s investor briefs, articles and other communications break down that barrier.

Collaborative seeks commissions and suggestions

BECC chose its first two investor briefs based on high investor and industry interest in seaweed for a wide array of uses. Seaweed Snapshots outlines market dynamics, identifying key investment questions and innovation needs; Seaweed Hot Spots covers global production leaders as well as regional opportunities to scale high-quality production. Both are downloadable  free from the Fish 2.0 Ventures website.

“We will continue to produce investor briefs and other pieces on compelling markets, and we invite people to send us suggestions,” said Stewart. “We also take commissions from NGOs, industry leaders and others who want to share expert insights to drive growth in their focus areas. Carefully crafted communications are essential tools for attracting investors, partners, and entrepreneurs, so we’re looking to create a comprehensive collection that can move the blue economy forward.”

Contact to commission research briefs and other communications, or to suggest topics.

Contact with media queries.

About the Blue Economy Communications Collaborative

The Blue Economy Communications Collaborative  makes the sector’s key technologies, business models and market trends accessible to investors, entrepreneurs, academics, NGOs and others. Launched in 2024 by Monica Jain, founder of Fish 2.0 Ventures and the Fish 2.0 sustainable seafood innovation network, and Sandra Stewart, founder of the pioneering impact PR firm Thinkshift Communications, BECC is dedicated to accelerating regenerative ocean solutions.