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Blue Economy Communications Collaborative

What we do

The Blue Economy Communications Collaborative aims to attract more capital and cross-sector expertise to the blue economy by giving investors and entrepreneurs concise yet deeply sourced information on ocean segments, technologies, climate solutions, business models and trends.

The BECC was formed as a partnership between Monica Jain, founder of Fish 2.0 Ventures, and Sandra Stewart, co-founder of the pioneering impact PR firm Thinkshift Communications. We welcome additional collaborators who have ideas for investor briefs or would like to work with us to provide essential information on particular blue economy fields.

Why the collaborative

Investors and professionals want to contribute to ocean and coastal resilience, but most find the blue economy complex and opaque. That’s partly because analyses of needs and opportunities typically are embedded in long reports aimed at people who have already identified a focus area and are poised to dive into it. Newcomers face an information gap that slows or even prevents their entry into the field.

We founded the BECC to fill that gap with insights, facts and figures on blue economy market dynamics, needs and opportunities, including  climate-related issues. Using our deep and broad network of experts, developed over 30 years in this sector, we surface knowledge that has not been easily accessible. And like our Fish 2.0  Investment Insights one-pagers, BECC briefs are designed to spark curiosity and help investors and entrepreneurs find the areas most closely aligned to their interests and ways of working. They can then efficiently build their knowledge base using relevant reports and connections.

Thinkshift Communications: Co-founder of the BECC

Thinkshift Communications is an award-winning PR firm focused on accelerating social and environmental innovation. Through savvy communications strategies, thought leadership, messaging and media outreach, the firm helps impact-driven enterprises grow and expand their influence. Thinkshift’s blue economy work includes its key role in Fish 2.0’s success

Becoming a Collaborator

Investors, NGOs, government leaders and blue economy enterprises with ideas for investor briefs or other communications that will grow the sector can contact to explore collaboration opportunities.